Honey in the Comb

Recently, we were able to produce honey in the comb using a system called Ross Rounds. This is a tricky, time-consuming process. We have to coax the bees to draw out new wax and fill it with honey very quickly right in the packaging–our timing must be perfect or it doesn’t work.

While this type of comb honey used to be very popular, not that many beekeepers in NJ bother with it. In fact, we’re not aware of anywhere else locally where you can buy Ross Rounds.


The bees fill our Ross Rounds with light, spring honey contained in thin, edible wax that you can scoop out and eat on toast, in yogurt, or on a spoon. This is honey in a “native” state–just as the bees made it, completely raw and unprocessed.

A limited number of 8 oz Rounds are available at $8. We’ll happily give you a $1 credit on your next purchase when you return the empty packaging.

Email Oliver to order or for more info.