Our Honey

We make honey from four hives in Montclair, New Jersey in two locations. One is near Edgemont Park and the other is near Porter Park. They each taste slightly different even though they come from the same town.

No matter what the hive, we never pressure-filter or over-heat our honey to process it, so you taste everything that’s good about honey including local pollen and a delicate aroma unlike any commercial honey. This is raw honey.

While we try to bottle a couple of times a year, we limit each bottling to a single extraction that has a unique flavour related to the hive location, the season, the weather, and a mix of flowers that will never come again.

As long as honey is kept sealed and away from moisture it doesn’t go bad. Let us know which one you like best!


Crystals form in all raw honey over time. This can make the honey look cloudy or even thicken to where you have to spread it with a knife. For people used to crystal-clear grocery store honey (blended, pressure filtered, mass-produced), this doesn’t look right. However, don’t worry. This is normal for natural, raw honey.

If you don’t like the texture or how it looks, it’s easy to get rid of the crystals by gently heating the jar in hot water:

  • Loosen the lid and set the bottle into hot water.
  • Make sure the water only comes part way up the bottle.
  • If you don’t mind waiting, use a lower water temperature (120-140 degrees). If you’re in a hurry, use hotter water (180-190). Using hotter water may reduce the honey’s aroma.
  • Don’t leave on an active burner or flame and don’t heat the water with the jar of honey inside it.