Here we are!

Nice to meet you. We’re a very small, local honey producer in Montclair, NJ. Our honey is raw and delicious. A friend says it tastes like the air in springtime. Nice.

Browse through to find out more about our honey, our bees, and what we do.

Please note that we no longer accept posted comments on our website–we’ve left some nice ones from a couple of years ago, just for fun. But otherwise, too much spam! So email if you need to talk to us.

8 thoughts on “Here we are!

  1. Absolutely the best honey I have ever had. You can taste the wildflowers. I eat it straight, at my desk, during work hours much to the delight of my boss.

  2. Glad you’re liking both. We’ve run out of summer and only have spring left. We harvested for the fall, but could only take a little. Have to leave some for the bees!

  3. We have been so enjoying the honey and sharing it with many others as we toast the New Year. Spring and summer honeys seem to have even running. We are so happy to have found a local honey we love.

  4. Thank you Victoria. Glad you liked our honey so much. We’ll set aside 10 jars for you! I’ll call you.

  5. Even better than the South of France !
    We would like to order 10, half pound jars. Christmas is coming!
    The buzz on the street is that EssexGirl Honey is giving the Long Island, South Hampton bees some pretty sweet competition!

  6. Glad you liked it…. I’m sure the proprietor is a man of good taste and great intelligence.

  7. Tried the honey at a gourmet breakfast place in Oregon. The proprietor was lucky enough to pick some up on a recent trip to NJ and spared just enough for toast and tea. Quite remarkable in flavor and consistency. Nicely floral. Who knew? Noted the web address and stopped by to visit:-)

    Was wondering if the recent heat wave have any effect on honey production or quality?

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